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USA TODAY - How weather Works (USA)  
  links to graphics and text that examine various weather phenomena, including the basics of things such as winds, what goes on in thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes, or how dust from the Sahara Desert sometimes crosses the Atlantic Ocean.  
USA TODAY - Weather (USA)  
  conprehensive US weather report Includes Regional maps and weather briefs, cold science, wheather basics reference, etc  
World Meteorological Organization (USA)  
  The purposes of WMO are to facilitate international cooperation in the establishment of networks of stations for making meteorological, hydrological and other observations; and to promote the rapid exchange of meteorological information, the standardization of meteorological observations and the uniform publication of observations and statistics.  
Departmaent of Atmospheric Sciences (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (USA)  
  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Atmospheric Sciences WWW  
National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration - Natonal Weather Service (USA)  
  Site provides currentnational weather watches, warnings, statements, and advisories in U.S region  
DREC - Weather/GIS Data center (Mississippi State University Extension Service) (USA)  
  The purpose of this center is to provide historical and up-to-date weather data and products to aid farmers in making agricultural decisions.  
National Climatic Data Center (USA)  
  NCDC is the world's largest active archive of weather data. NCDC produces numerous climate publications and responds to data requests from all over the world.  
Kentucky Agricultural Weather Outlook (USA)  
  This site mainly focus on the weather of Kentucky State Region in US  
Weather Site dot Com (WORLD)  
  Weather Site dot Com is your one stop site for up to the minute world wide weather  
AWIS Weather Services (WORLD)  
  AWIS Weather Services specializes in global forecasting and climate data products for industry, retail, and research. Our hallmarks are quality, convenience, consistency and responsiveness.  
Bureau of Meteorology (AUSTRLIA)  
  The Bureau of Meteorology provides several thousand products in a variety of formats using several delivery media. Most products are freely available, however some of the more specialised ones attract a cost recovery charge.  
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CANADA)  
  The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) is the national society of individuals and organisations dedicated to advancing atmospheric and oceanic sciences and related environmental disciplines in Canada.  
CSAM (Canadian Society of Agrometeorology) (CANADA)  
  This Web site sharing news about how plants affect air quality, climate change, or the water regime of regions... and how the atmosphere in turn affects crop yields, forest growth and pest outbreaks  
CVAP (Climate Variablility in Agriculture R&D program) (AUSTRALIA)  
  To work with the Australian agricultural sector to develop and implement profitable and sustainable management strategies which prepare it to respond to the major opportunities and risks arising from climate variability.  
CNN.com - Weather (USA)  
  provides US regional and world weather maps, storm centers, and lastest world wide weather news  
Compu - Weather (USA)  
  Compu-Weather, founded in 1976, is one of the nation's largest meteorological consulting firms, providing a full array of diversified past weather analysis to the insurance, legal insurance industry, and construction industry nationwide, as well as providing site-specific forecasts for weather-sensitive industry, which includes the marine industry, contractors, film & photography companies and the media.  
Current Weather & Water conditons (South florida water management district) (USA)  
  This site provides current Weather and Water Conditions from South Florida water management district.  
EarthWatch Weather On Demand (USA)  
  provides US regional weather maps, stormwatch, forecast center, satellite & radar, and latest weather headline news.  
Freese Notis Weather Services (USA)  
  Provides detailed weather forecasts from important agricultural products producing areas of US regions  
Georgia Weather (USA)  
  The objective of the AEMN is to collect reliable weather information for agricultural and environmental applications.  
Harris-Mann Weather and Elliott Advisory Service (USA)  
  HARRIS-MANN is a unique service that specializes in medium-to-long range weather predictions for U.S. and International Agriculture, as well as highly detailed forecasts for Agricultural Commodities and other markets that include: silver, gold, stocks, bonds, currencies, etc.  
High Plains Regional climate Center (USA)  
  The mission of the High Plains Regional Climate Center is to increase the use and availability of climate data in the High Plains region.  
Intellicast - Weather for Active Lives (WORLD)  
  Intellicast.com provides extensive specialized weather information to help plan all outdoor and weather sensitive activities, whether golfing, sailing, hiking, skiing or relaxing at the beach.  
Weather.gov (USA)  
  Weather.gov provide three different version of weather serivces in US, Animated Graphics version, Enhanced Graphics version, text version.  
The Farmer's Almanac (CANADA)  
  The site provide the detailed forecasts for this month and next here on Almanac.com. An exception is that we provide the forecast for the entire period for the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territies in Canada.  
McGill (USA)  
  McGill Forecast products from NCEP Gridded Model Output. McGill provides current data,local forecasts, radar, profiler and satellite images  
MeasureTek (Tools)  
  MeasureTek provides automated systems for monitoring weather, soil, crops, and water with options for frost, cooling, and irrigation control.  
LSC Meteorology (USA)  
  Weather Maps and Information at Lyndon State College are generated by McIDAS-X and WXP with lots of help from the Unidata Program Center  
MRCC - Midwestern Regional climate Center (USA)  
  The Midwest Climate Watch is a one-stop source for an assessment of current climate conditions in the Midwest.  
Climate Prediction Center (USA)  
  Site serves the public by assessing and forecasting the impacts of short-term climate variability, emphasizing enhanced risks of weather-related extreme events, for use in mitigating losses and maximizing economic gains. It contains weather news and all the organization in US  
theNorthwest Irrigation Network (USA)  
  the Northwest Irrigation Network (NIN) Select a weather station to the left to access a comprehensive list of daily crop water use (ET) and other irrigation reports.  
OSU Weather Links (USA)  
  Oklahoma State University provides weather links  
Regional weather information center (USA)  
  The Regional Weather Information Center receives and generates a wide range of weather information. Access to some of this information must be restricted due to contractual agreements, while other information is available to the general public.  
Consorzio SAR (ITALY)  
SouthlandWX (USA)  
  site contains currents, forecasts, climate beachWX, travelWX  
Current Weather (USA)  
  contain US regional weather, forecasts, warnings, WX interface  
The Climate Company (CANADA)  
  The Canadian Institute for Climate Studies (CICS) is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation initiated by the Meteorological Service of Canada and the Province of British Columbia in order to further the understanding of the climate system, its variability and potential for change and the application of that understanding to decision making in both the public and private sectors.  
Environment Canada (CANADA)  
  The environment Canadian's internet resource for weather and environmental information provide regional weather forecast.  
FrostProof.com (USA)  
  contain US regional weather, forecasts,whather maps, weather news, and video and etc.  
Oklahoma MESONET (USA)  
  The Oklahoma Mesonet is a multipurpose network that measures environmental conditions that are critical to decision makers in weather forecasting, agriculture, public safety, scientific research and education, transportation and other applications.  
  QCCA is a collaborative initiative of the Department of Primary Industries and the Department of Natural Resources & Mines to enhance climate applications research and climate extension activities for our rural industries.  
Weather.com (USA / WORLD)  
  Weather.com provides US local regional weather and world weather report.  
TVWeather.com (USA)  
  TVWEATHER provides US weather forcast using all kinds of media  
UM Weather (USA / CANADA / WORLD)  
  Providing access to thousands of forecasts, images, and the Net's largest collection of weather links, UM Weather is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of weather data on the Web.  
Climate Modelling Group (USA)  
  The group is involved in modelling and analysis of past, present and future climate primarily using their locally developed comprehensive Earth System Climate  
VantagePoint Network (USA / WORLD)  
  providing US and International forecasts, radar, satellite reports, and also current, past weather data  
Weather & global monitoring (WORLD)  
  weather reports and forecasts from antarctica, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Cananda, USA and North America. Also current weather satellite image  
National Weather Service Tallahassee, florida (USA)  
  Forecasts and current weather in Florida, Georgia, Alabama  
Weather Sense (CANADA)  
  Weather-Sense is Canada's weather store, uniquely committed to providing quality weather-related products. We have been a family-owned business for ten years, providing friendly, helpful, personalized service to a fast-growing number of satisfied customers.  
WxUSA Weather Hub (USA / WORLD)  
  contain international and US regional weather report, Hurrican, Ski report.  
Wunderground (USA / WORLD)  
  US and World weather report. Muti-Languages are supported  
WeatherTec Services (USA / WORLD)  
  WeatherTec predicts and portrays weather conditions for newspapers, agriculture and anyone needing climate information.  


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