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The major purposes of AOSCA are to establish minimum standards for genetic purity and identity and recommended minimum standards for seed quality for the classes of certified seed, and to standardize seed certification regulations and procedures, and operational procedures in inter-agency seed certification etc.
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2.Bountiful Gardens
Bountiful Gardens sells untreated open-pollinated seed of heirloom quality for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. Offering Biointensive and Grow Biointensive sustainable organic seed
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3.Synergy Seeds
Welcome to the new Synergy Seeds Catalog. We are hard at work gathering and processing this seasons seed crop, and are ready to serve your seed needs for this spring (coming soon, at the date of this writing).
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4.Specialty Commodities Incorporated
Specialty Commodities, Incorporated (SCI) is a worldwide importer, manufacturer and distributor of specialty products for the snack food, health food, pet food and bakery industries.
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5.Mumm's Sprouting Seeds
Mumm's Sprouting Seeds at Hazelridge Farm grows and supplies Certified Organic seeds for sprouters. Quantities can be from a package to a container load, for home sprouting and commercial sprouting.
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